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ASPECT Billing Solutions is a multi-specialty medical billing services company. Our mission is to cover all aspects before submission making sure the healthcare providers get maximum reimbursement of their time from insurance carriers. We cover minor details of each claim before submission, i.e. eachpatient eligibility verification before claim submission, correct coding, CPT and DX verification as per CMS guidelines hence making sure your practice is error free. While you are focusing on patients we take care of your revenue cycle management.

Achieve greater profitability of your practice with Aspect Billing Solutions, a trusted medical billing and audit company. We free up your time for patients and make sure to collect every dollar you are entitled by providing the best medical billing services for your practice.

As premier Medical billing company, our services include not only working with established providers or groups but with startups as well. Our experts in Credentialing department helps, physicians credentialing and contracting with insurance, making the physicians/groups in network with most working insurances around your practice location or state.

We take responsibility of your OLD ACCOUNT RECIVABLE CLEANUP in just 90 days.

We also offer Credentialing Services

Credentialing is the backbone of optimum revenue cycle management. One of the frustrating issues practices always deal with is finding out that you are not participating with insurances to which you are filling claims to. The result leaves many providers with patients that they can no longer see. Thus your practice needs to be up to dated with health care industry& must have a partner that can assist with credentialing.

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