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Aspect Billing Solutions, simplifies every step of the practice management process – from the initial scheduling of an appointment to the tedious billing and remittance tasks following every patient visit. As a result of our extensive support and professional relationship, our customers become lifetime partners.

We strive to add superior value by focusing on all aspects of physician practice management to the sole practitioners, groups, clinics, hospitals, and billing companies. We have complete understanding, knowledge, and expertise to resolve all the complexities of the US health insurance industry in an effective and efficient way and economically. We have developed a most comprehensive medical billing workflow process on the basis of analysis and review of health insurance’s most complex taxonomy of patient intake/registration, diagnosis and treatment plans, claims submission and financial tracking, third-party reimbursements, individual patient responsibilities, and so on.

Revenue Cycle Management

We provide premier revenue cycle management services and assure to increase your revenue, cash flow and office productivity. Our services have done just that for many physicians/practices and we can do the same for you. Our proven track record speaks itself.

  • Patient Demographic and Charge Entry; We maintain the patient database, demographics, insurance info and enter all charges.
  • Insurance Eligibility Verification; We do this for every patient before submission.
  • Claims Submission; Daily electronic submission within 24 hours of receipt or on paper if required. 97 + percentage collection on first claim submission.
  • Payment Review & Posting; Posting of EOB/ERA.
  • Secondary Insurance Claims; Submitted when required.
  • Denial Management; Review and correction of all claims before resubmission.
  • A/R Follow up; Communication with payers regarding unpaid claims.
  • Reports; Standard and customized reports including insurance and patient A/R aging.
  • Patient Statements and Customer Service; We generate patient statements and entertain patient calls about their bills.
  • Assigned Account Manager; We assign a dedicated account manager to your account. You will observe the personal and cohesive attention as your practice need to operate efficiently.

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