September 15, 2019

Why Outsource Medical Billing is Good for Practices

Medical billing is the backbone of your practice; it is actually your livelihood. If this part of your practice is smooth and undisrupted you can focus on your other aspects of practice. It is actually the brain of your practice when the brain is performing at its peak all the body parts work efficiently and if your brain is ill working it ruins all body no matter how strong your body is. Now the question is whether to outsource your medical billing or not? And what are the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing? This is very tricky since it involves many aspects of your practice to finally reach a situation where you can make a decision to opt for the best suitable option for your business. It primarily depends on the volume of your practice, a specialty of your practice, […]
August 27, 2019

Revenue Cycle Management

We are a team of business-minded, forward-thinking, efficient and analytical people, all what you look for in a Revenue Cycle Management company. We have all the capabilities needed to improve and accelerate your medical billing & revenue cycle management process, so you can achieve higher productivity, faster payments decreased costs and improved patient service. Whether you are a single health care provider or a group practice, we can help you achieve advanced business performance with our medical billing revenue cycle management service. Improve your business, get paid quickly and work with a trusted partner. Our experienced and dedicated staff will focus their time on important matters, such as your billing, collecting full payment on all submitted claims, increasing the payment on underpaid claims, capturing revenue from un-submitted claims and following up on secondary claims. We provide less than 48-hour turnaround from the […]